Unmasking Moms for Liberty: A Trojan Horse for Christian Nationalism, by Rob Rogers: Freethought Views, June 2023

Unmasking Moms for Liberty: A Trojan Horse for Christian Nationalism
by Rob Rogers

Underneath the facade of parental concern and advocacy lies a movement with an
insidious agenda: the establishment of Christian Nationalist ideology within our public
education system. Moms for Liberty, an organization gaining significant traction,
presents itself as a grassroots assembly of conscientious parents. In reality, however, it
is part of a broader Christian Nationalist movement that threatens to infuse our
policy-making with hard-line Christian beliefs.

This situation brings to mind the resistance faced during the desegregation of schools
in the wake of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling over half a century ago. This
resistance gave rise to school voucher programs, a mechanism to continue segregation
under the banner of "educational choice". Today, Moms for Liberty champions a similar
rhetoric, advocating for parental control and choice as a veneer to conceal a divisive
agenda. Contrary to their self-presentation, Moms for Liberty is far from a grassroots
organization. A Media Matters report exposes them as an "astroturf" group, a faux
grassroots organization bolstered by powerful, hidden funding sources, one of which is
the Heritage Foundation.

But the connections run deeper than financial backing. On a local level, Moms for
Liberty collaborates with Christian nationalist entities like Church for All Nations and
the Truth and Liberty Coalition, an umbrella organization pioneered by Andrew
Wommack. This union substantiates their commitment to the Christian Nationalist
cause and underscores the peril they pose to a secular, inclusive education system.
The Heritage Foundation's genesis traces back to Paul Weyrich, a central figure in the
evolution of Christian Nationalism in American conservatism. His input was crucial to
the birth of the Moral Majority and the Council for National Policy, signifying the
marriage of evangelical Christianity and conservative politics.

In the early 70s, Weyrich articulated a strategy that is strikingly evident in the
operations of organizations like Moms for Liberty. In a letter he wrote, later shared by
Politico, Weyrich stated, "The new political philosophy must be defined by us
[conservatives] in moral terms, packaged in nonreligious language, and propagated
throughout the country by our new coalition. When political power is achieved, the
moral majority will have the opportunity to re-create this great nation."

Indeed, Moms for Liberty seems to be following this playbook: asserting moral
superiority, speaking in secular terms to broaden appeal, and propagating their agenda
nationwide. Yet, this isn't just about influence over education; it is subterfuge designed to
destabilize public education, curtail diversity, and propagate a Christian-centric

The existential threat posed by Moms for Liberty, and similar organizations, cannot be
understated. They are weaponized deceptions by those intent on tearing down public education and
imposing a narrow, sectarian worldview on our children. Recognizing them for what
they are – a vehicle for Christian Nationalist influence – is crucial to counter their
narrative and uphold the integrity of an inclusive, diverse, and secular educational
system that truly serves all children, irrespective of their religious or ideological

Rob Rogers is an Air Force veteran, an ardent advocate for the separation of church and state, and a staunch defender of democracy.

Published in the June 7-13 issue of the Colorado Springs Independent with the quotation below.

 "Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it."
  --- Francis Wright