Freethinkers pot luck Saturday, May 14, 5 pm

With Colorado covid cases dropping to a low of only 972 in late April, it looks like a good time to hold another Freethinkers social gathering on Saturday, May 15 at 5 pm. As usual, masks are welcome, particularly on arrival, but once you find a comfortable seat surrounded by a few close friends you might feel comfortable taking your mask off. Or leaving it on. As with most things around “ freethought “, your choices are your own. Freethinkers are primarily non-religious, but we respect the rights of other people to embrace whatever strange ideas they want, as long as they don't try to force them on us. Through legislation, Supreme Court rulings, peer pressure or terrorism.
The main topic here will be the food. Great deserts, imaginative salads, and some plan old simple ones. Casserole dishes are appreciated with their rich blends of flavor and textures. Consider putting the dressing on the side for the purists who really LIKE vegetables. Or just grab some snacks for your grocer's deli section, or a take out pizza. Or contribute a bottle of wine or a few beers if you are a non-cooker.
This event will be at Becky and Gary;'s house, 6158 Briarcliff Road. Best parking is on FairOak Street, along the north side of our house. Please only park on ONE SIDE of Briarcliff Road. It is too narrow for parking on both sides. Go to the LEFT at the top of the driveway to get to the back deck of the house. It should be warm enough to enjoy the deck or other outdoor areas , like the designated smoking area on the north side for house.
By the way, these sessions are called "Pot Luck" because you never know how GREAT a dish in a given POT will be until you try it. Sometimes you get lucky. If you ARE a Great ( or even an aspiring) cook, tape your name to your pot, or place a card near it, so people can congratulate you, and beg you for the recipe ( as if you really used one). If you are a recipe-user, consider bringing a copy ( or your book) and allow people to copy ( or photograph) it. If your food has a special character ( vegan, pelio, gluten free , etc. put that on your description too.
And be ready to listen to a "freethought" message presented by a member, or to take part in a semi-organized conversational exercise. Or just move to a separate part of the house and continue your conversation.

For more information, feel free to call 719-659-5075


2022-05-14 17:00:00 to 2022-05-14 20:30:00