Freethinkers Social Shared Dinner and chat

The Freethinkers' Monthly social for September will be at a Freethinkers of Colorado Springs member's home. Start time is 5 pm and things should be winding down around 8. The house is in the southern part of our city. There is good street parking, a nice patio for outside sitting, and 2 great dining areas with 2 living room areas for good separation, so do bring your Freethinking friends. Masks are welcome, but if a would-be-guest is feeling recently sickly, we ask that you stay away this month and join us next month.
Expect to join in lots of discussions about science; the power of well designed vaccines; the tragedy of religious oppression, the civil right of all people to choose freedom FROM religion, gender equity, and individual rights and respect.

Due to popular request, we are asking all attendees to bring a copy of their Covid Vaccine record ( or cell phone picture of it) with them to attend the event. Kids are exempt from this. We are also seeking a couple of volunteers to check cards and give visitors name tags at the door.

Several members have asked for smaller gatherings so they could host 3 to 6 Freethinkers at Their home, or favorite place. We will be happy to post such events. The host would decide place, time and criteria for guests. Telephone numbers and emails could be shared to potentials guests. If you would be interesting in hosting one of these, call or text Gary at 719-659-5075.


2021-09-11 17:00:00 to 2021-09-11 20:00:00