Sunday Morning Dialogue via Zoom

Every Sunday, 9:30-11:30 AM

Freethinkers and Humanists of Colorado Springs


We gather each week with 9 to 15 people to discuss whatever topics arise.  This is a lightly moderated session with an effort to allow everyone to express their opinion.  Mostly the "conversation ball" is handed of to the next speaker by their jumping into the space with their ideas.  "Power Talkers" are encouraged to back off and let the less talkative have their time.  We have shared some very profound moments in the areas of personal growth, religious persecution and escape, racial injustice and overcoming those obstacles.

Our group usually includes about 30 women, 50 percent retired people, a University Prof, a couple of retired military officers, a few visitors from around the world and other parts of the USA.  Every month or so we invite a guest to join us an share stories of their life. Sometimes these are politicians or government workers, sometimes young folks who are clawing their way toward a brighter future, or older folks explaining the power of family support and self confidence. 

We usually give "first timers" a chance to say hello and a few words about themselves. The truth is, we really prefer to hear more from "First Timers" because their stories are always new and fresh to us.



1. All you have to do to join in is grab a phone and dial one of the zoom access phone numbers. This will get you in the session with Auto Only. 

2. OR you can use  Firefox or Chrome and paste in the browser URL below.

3. You can download the Zoom software at and then connect using meeting ID 836 9570 2483  and then pass code of 333333.  


For the full experience, install the free Zoom software on a cell phone or computer.


We hope that you will join us.



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