Communication 101 Can it Work ?

Everyone says its soooo hard.   The other person has weird ideas.  Or just doesn't SOUND enough like US for me to understand him.. Or they REMIND me of.......  

  But I have discovered that, given the chance to speak and be heard, many of them become VERY reasonable.  I and a group of friends have been doing it for years.  Not the same group.. People join for a while, go away and we never hear from them again. Others pop back up every few years.  Or ten years later.  

   We had it on a roll for 6 years at a Penara Bread on Sunday from 9:30 to 11.

Then covid hit.  And we went virtual.  Using Zoom..  We are averaging 11 to 15 folks each week.  Usually one or two first timers . Or at least new-joiners.  Everyone get a chance to speak.  Plan to say hello, you name ( as you want to be know) and if you wish, a few words about anything. Or just stay silent and we'll leave you alone. 

    We use a conversation mode of control.   Grab a silence and JUMP into.  Back off if you bump into someone else.   And if you see someone's hand raising indicating a desire to speak,  Wrap up your thought quickly and hand the ball off that person.  ------------------

Zoom number is                  Meeting ID: 836 9570 2483 
                                                                   Passcode: 333333
or from any browser....

or from any voice phone.               +1 253 215 8782 


  Leave your camera off it you want.  Or turn down your room light.  Either way when you speak Zoom shows  us a banner around your box so we should Detect that is you and give you "the floor"..  But if you face is displayed, it makes it easier for us to pick up your signals and interact.  But if you want to just stay silent, that's fine too.

   Religion, politics, news. social events, local events usually make up most of the talk.  Anyone can switch the topic and lead into another direction. Don't be surprised if you sometime get feedback.   That feedback is the "magic ingredient" in communication. 

  Come join us some Sunday Morning at   .. 9:30 am..

Gary  719-659-5075