Freethinkers Pot Luck and House party

Ok, It's time to grab your Covid vaccination card and step slowly away from your quarantine. Freethinkers of CS will help you begin by RESTARTING our 25 year tradition of holding these "dinner and discussion" events at members homes, restaurants, parks, etc. Don't be alarmed that few people sign up here. Most of our regulars don't use meetup, but 20 to 50 people show up every "2nd Saturday" of each month, somewhere. Everyone is expected to bring food and /or drink to share and a lust for good conversation. Our crowds spans the age range from 40ish to 70 ish..( heavy on the 70 side) but occasionally we get a couple of 30 or 20 somethings. Most of our folks lean toward science, education, social justice and civil rights. Many escaped religion in their younger years, but some never were infested by it. And a few still carry around a few vestiges of superstitions.
This first event will be at 6158 Briarcliff Road. You can phone 659 then 5075 for more details.


2021-06-12 05:00:00 to 2021-06-12 09:30:00