Freethinkers Potluck social, food,drink conversation

Freethinkers Social for conversation, new friends and food !

Our Freethinkers Social will be Saturday April 8 from 5pm to 8ish pm at a members home near Academy Blvd and Dublin Road in northern Colorado Springs. This a monthly gathering ( 2nd Saturday each month) for rational, religiously doubting, Freethinking individuals to gather with like-minded people and share their liberal, progressive outlooks toward our world. This event is open to everyone.

We ask everyone to bring a food dish or drink to share, but if you would rather NOT join that practice, feel free to eat before you come and just enjoy the conversation.

For those who enjoy a true potluck, you'll find an amazing selection of casseroles, meat dishes, vegetable only dishes, salads, deserts, sliced veggies, and Dave's reliable Costco Pizza. Finger foods are great too. Cookies, crackers and cheese, chips, etc. Some folks include little card detailing the custom nature of their dish, or the possibly unwanted items they leave out ( glutton free, vegetarian, etc )

The best part of the evening is the conversation. The social is a great opportunity to enjoy the freedom to talk about religion, science, anthropology, politics, etc without worrying about religious SHOCK or overly tender feelings. We try to be nice to everyone and honor their Freethinker's Right to form their own opinions and ideas. The home we'll meet at this month has 3 really good conversation areas to switch from/to. You could make a point of sitting with a group you haven't been with before and meet someone new.

Our members range from twenty-something to eighty-something. We have students and teachers, blue collar and white collar, retired and self employed of all types. Scientists and authors and Doctors too. We usually draw 20 to 40 people. If the weathers nice, the outside deck might be a great place to gather. Most of our folks don't use Meetup , but if you are HERE, please RSVP to this event so other folks know that we will have a good sized group at the event.

Freethinkers of Colorado Springs has been promoting religious freedom, civil and gay rights, respect for science and support for " life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in Colorado Springs since the 1990s. We also have run paid columns (advertisements?) in local publications and media. Check out our web site at . This event will be at     6158 BriarCliff road.    It's best to park on FairOak Drive along the north side of this home. Briarcliff road is a bit narrow with limited parking.

We hope to see several new members at this event.

Call or text Becky at 719-332-3907 ... for more info or email at

We hope to see you there.


You can learn more about out group at or

And you can find a place to chat with Freethinkers at possibly searching for "freethinkers of colorado springs"


* please note. the earlier posting about this event show a 6pm start time.  We are currently stating these events at 5pm.


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