Freethinkers Sunday Morning Dialogue call

This is a Zoom version of our long running Sunday morning discussion session. Everyone is welcome. We use a normal conversational style. Speakers are expected to limit their remarks and yield the floor when others want to speak.We occasionally invite guest speakers and let them have 20 or 30 minute to deliver their message then more on to dialogue.

Meeting ID: 836 9570 2483
Passcode: 333333
  We never know what subjects will dominated during the discussion.  Sometimes its a science discovery, sometimes a medical development, sometime personal discoveries.  In one recent session one of our our young men described how he resisted being labeled as "ADHD" for years, but once he took the time to research it himself, he concluded  that he DID fit the profile.  When he started following the treatments, he was amassed at how it improved his life, and relations with other people.   That lead a woman in the group to describe how the death of her sister from diabetic conditions led her to undergo stomach restriction surgery, and how profoundly that has effected her life.  It was  very interesting and powerful session.


2021-09-05 09:30:00 to 2021-09-05 11:30:00