March Freethinker Social and Dinner 5pm

Our March 11th Freethinkers Social will be Saturday from 5 to 8ish pm at a member's home near Academy Blvd and Austin Bluffs. We ask everyone to bring a food dish or drink to share, but if you would rather NOT join that practice, feel free to eat before you come and just enjoy the conversation. Wine and beer are always popular. The house usually provides coffee and water. For those who enjoy a true potluck, you'll find an amazing selection of casseroles, meat dishes, vegetable only dishes, salads, deserts, sliced veggies, and Dave's reliable Costco Pizza. Last month I was slow and missed out on Marianne's fantastic chocolate treats ( brownies last month). I wont make that mistake again! The scrapings from the bottom of the pan were great though. The best part of the evening is the conversation. The social is a great opportunity to enjoy the freedom to talk about religion, science, anthropology, politics, etc without worrying about SHOCKING religious people or overly tender feelings. We try to be nice to everyone and honor their Freethinker's Right to form their own opinions and ideas.

The home we'll meet at this month has 3 really good conversation areas to switch from/to. You could make a point of sitting with a group you haven't been with before and meet someone new. Our members range from twenty-something to eighty-something. We have students, teachers, blue collar, white collar, retired and self employed of all types. Scientists and artists and Doctors too. Freethinkers of Colorado Springs has been promoting religious freedom, civil and gay rights, respect for science and support for " life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" in Colorado Springs since the 1990s. We also have run paid opinion columns in local publications and media. Check out our web site at This event will be at 4820 Topaz Dr. in Colorado Springs. We hope to see several new members at this event. Gary ... 719-659-5075 text or call for more info or email at


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