Recovering from Religion Monthly Meeting: Pikes Peak Atheists

06/20/2020 - 13:00
06/20/2020 - 14:30

Pikes Peak Atheists and Pikes Peak Atheist Families

Recovering From Religion MONTHLY Meeting



Please visit the Pikes Peak Atheists and Pikes Peak Atheist Families Meetup page at for login information about this and other online events.


The primary focus of a Recovering From Religion support group is to provide ongoing and personal support to individuals as they let go of their religious beliefs. This transitional period is a complex process that can result in a range of emotions, as well as a ripple effect of consequences throughout an individual’s life. As such, the support meetings are safe and anonymous places to express these doubts, fears, and experiences without biased feedback or proselytizing.

There is no cost to attend this support group but, if you feel so inclined, donations can be made at

If you find you need to talk with someone before the meeting date, RfR has a hotline and online chat for that express purpose. Call (844) 368-2848 to speak with someone. Go to to chat online. If the green chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner is not visible, then there are no agents currently available.

If you are in need of professional help, we can offer the Secular Therapy Project to provide options to connect with a professional therapist. All therapists have been thoroughly vetted by our organization and offer only evidence-based and non-religious treatment. Connect with them at


More information about Pikes Peak Atheists and Pikes Peak Atheist Families

Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families provides weekly opportunities for socializing, community building, education, discussion and community service for all nonbelievers in the Pikes Peak region. Activities for adults, families and kids are regularly available in our group.

As atheists, we understand how difficult it can be to either have to hide your unbelief, or to be harassed about it by family and friends, employers, classmates and coworkers. Our goal is to create a safe environment with a great group of peers who can come together to meet, talk freely, learn, laugh, and grow.